Kind words from those in the area:

Lilyan – A HUGE thank you to these guys and the work they do. I have two cats who aren’t exactly exposed to any environment other than home, they came home healthy and happy! Very trusting and if needed I would definitely go to them again. Very, very nice people.

Monica – Jessica and Andy are two of the most caring, unselfish people I know. They give so much of themselves for the animals they care for. Jessica with her endless hours working n TNR and getting everything set up for everyone’s pets to be spay/neuter. Andy for his time spent driving to and from and sometimes in between Fargo dropping off or picking up traps or animals. Endless hours they both work and share their love for your animals. They have cats that have been spayed/neutered and they have no home to go to, so they continue to care for them, feeding, watering, cat litter, the list is endless what these two will do to save a pet. I love them and everything they have done for my pet and many others.

VictoriaJade – Jessica and Andy are a huge blessing to this community! I personally met Jessica when I took on a dog from a bad situation in the metro area. The dog needed vetting and was unaltered and without their help and teamwork I would have never been able to get everything done for him in the situation I was facing. They even helped with transport since I didn’t have a good vehicle at the time or time to run down to St. Cloud and back with appointments day of surgery. Since then I have personally seen them spend all their time and energy – when I say this I mean ALL of it!! It’s insane their dedication to helping these animals! They reach out to so many who are struggling to find care, or are in over their heads. And their HUGE commitment to the feral population! They spend so much time with exhausting TNR efforts to help these cats who don’t have owners to even care for them. It’s amazing how much two people can do, but they do it and they do it with a smile and are just amazing people! Now they need help and support of the community to help carry on these efforts. Whether it be helping with their time, knowledge, or especially supplies and funding! They have shelled out so much time but also all the vet bill costs – HUGE! And all the food, litter,  medicine and all the gas it takes to travel to the TNR sites and the vets – none are very local – they travel to the Cities often for the spay/neuter runs! I can go on forever about how amazing they are. They need our help as a community to give back to them for all they have done and continue to do every day! They are truly Godsends!

Gail – Jessica helped me when a mommy kitty left seven babies. She and the neighbor tried to get the mom but never found, we think she died. She helped give information on how to care for them and to get them all fixed and their shots. Also I went with her on one trip to Duluth where we took my daughter’s pit bull and a bunch of cats. That was interesting to see how the clinic dealt with that many. All went well until one kitty got out. With the help of staff and a guy on the street it was found. I so wish I could help more but my time and money are little. So anybody that can help please do. Thanks to them for all they do.