Here is some information for resources in the Brainerd, Minnesota, area:

Country Cat Clinic in Nevis (218) 652-2850

Ferals or barn cats are best done at MN SNAP. I usually go to Minneapolis where they can absorb high number of cats in live traps. *I truly love MN SNAP. They listen and show team spirit. Work together to find solutions. I adore them!*

This depends on your income status big time. Resources are not that great for dogs in Brainerd area yet.
1. If you qualify, we can sign you up with MN SNAP and they ride with the cats to the same clinic.
2. Long Prairie Vet 320-732-6922 has the most affordable price for the dogs for those who do not qualify or schedule doesn’t work to jump onto run with the TNR cats.  The vet and vet techs are great so it’s worth the long drive.
3. Another option is Staples Vet at 218-894-1775.

A long term goal of ours is to create a low cost spay/neuter clinic in Brainerd.